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César commented a month ago
📝 Post
3D Printing
Hola a todos, aquí os dejo un archivo comprimido con los arcivos stl de las distintas piezas para completar el Otto granjero.
Camilo replied a month ago
🔧 Project

Ping Pong game (1 & 2 players option) w/ Otto Smart Extension

👋🏼Hello everyone! After the great post by @David Myers about gaming with Smart extension, I had decided to combine the 2 versions of Pong he showed in the post by putting both codes together and adding a menu to choose which one you want to play. Here is a video demo but also the Arduino code!

Could this be better?

Definitely! If you would like to collaborate with this, I have some ideas that would love to implement:

  • Adding Otto reactions. Making the robot to move and make sounds as reactions to game actions. (Difficulty: easy)
  • Improving menu. I made... (More)
Camilo liked a reply 2 months ago

Modified Ninja

I was not satisfied with either US eyes or a Ledmatrix.
With some -rather rough- modifications I was able to position the 16x8 Led matrix as a mouth underneath the eyes.

I studied ways to have US sensor, buzzer, pushbutton and ledmatrix and I found as the best way this wiring:

A0 = Pushbutton (switches to +)
D0 = GPIO16 US Echo pin
D1 = GPIO4 SCL (I2C)
D2 = GPIO5 SCA (I2C)
D3 = GPIO0 Right Foot
D4 = GPIO2 Right Leg
D5 = GPIO14 US Trigger pin
D6 = GPIO12 Buzzer pin
D7 = GPIO13 Left Foot
D8... (More)