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🔧 Project

Otto Servo Calibration

IMPORTANT Edit: A huge thanks to @Bill SCHONFELDER who has carefully put the calibration procedure through its paces. Bill spotted a problem that I had not come across which has now been corrected. The Blockly code has been updated, the GUI did not need changing.

Please remember that this code is for Windows based machines only and will not run correctly on an emulator on the Mac. For Linux or Mac OSX you will need to build the application from the source code using Processing. All of the files are available for you to do this in the single zip file attached.

Thank you Bill!!

OK. You have carefully followed the instructions on how to build Otto and have made sure that all the servos are centralised (set at 90 degrees) before you attach the horns. You are now at the very exciting moment where you check to see how Otto moves and dances and so you upload your first simple Blockly code.

:( What happened? Why did the legs and feet move out of position? Otto doesn’t look right and doesn’t move smoothly.

Do not be disappointed and do not worry! This is completely normal and happens in every Otto build. This is the stage where you need to adjust the central positions of the servos using a simple process called calibration. This will only need to be done once and then the correct positions will be remembered every time you turn on your Otto.

If you are unsure... (More)

Camilo commented 11 hours ago

Hi @Sid M.4 

Welcome to the community. 
There are couple days you can do it. Check out this video.

And here there is another way

But why not use Bluetooth instead?
Camilo updated 12 hours ago
📝 Post

Once again the UK come last in the Eurovision Song Contest and, once again, we score 'null points' (said in a French accent).

Things would have gone much better had DISCO Otto been the UK's entry........

Dual-core Otto with a digital pin trigger between the two to get the necessary synchronisation. Plus a DFMini, speaker + blue LED matrix.

And cool 70s glasses.
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Simple & cheap ISD1820 Voice Recorder & Playback Module

Following this post by bram h here is how simple you can program this Arduino ISD1820 Voice Recorder & Playback Module,  using Otto Blockly and the same nano board.

1. Manual mode

Note that you can use it in manual mode meaning you only need a way to power Vcc and Gnd to make it work and you just press the rec button to record and any of the play buttons to play your recorded message.

2. ''Arduino'' Mode

You can program it by combining with Arduino sensors and and even other actuators to it by simply activating the extra signal pins that comes with it to control each command. combine it  endless possibilities

the resistor is optional
the resistor is optional


It has pins for Vcc and Gnd and then 3 main signal  pins , one for record and one for play/e (which is like play to end i guess) and play / l which you need to hold on to keep the audio running. There are other hacks like extend the play time you can do but keep it simple at start.

this code just turns on and off every 10 seconds
this code just turns on and off every 10 seconds

The real fun is when you combine it with other sensors for example I used the same touch sensor of Otto +plus

You can do more cool stuff of course like distance activation or light activation clap and even bluetooth to control from your phone you name it!

Basic wiring here  you can connect to other pins as your code
Basic wiring here  you can connect to other pins as your code

For better audio quality add an amplifier like the LM386 for example

What would you do with it @bram h @Bill SCHONFELDER ?