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Welcome to Otto Builders the community of Otto DIY robot, we share knowledge, solve problems and make all kinds of opensource robots.

3D Printing
3D Printing

It’s amazing that you can make the Otto parts yourself, but it’s common to need help! 

Just let us know what you are having issues with by starting a conversation in this channel, or see whether others have dealt with it before. 

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Remix3D Printing
Camilo Parra PalacioOtto Creator
Founder and Designer of @OttoDIY

Lee robot now FREE files for you to make your own!

This was the first winner of the Otto inventor program, Lee a robot design by @Ronny Martinez, it was selected by the community among many other great submissions,

Lee is very similar to Otto Humanoid but with the option to turn the head in this way you can verify obstacles around it.

Now the inventor wants to share it with the world!

Layer Height : 0.3mm or less /

Raft or Brim: Not required

Support : Not required
Wall Line Count : 2 / Top Solid : 3 / Bottom Solid : 3
Infill Density : 20%
It takes... (More)

Hi @Tomasz Sienkiewicz19 

We are just starting to give to beta testers, active and loyal members of the community or with a high score of participation in this forum.

We will also offer in a new maker electronic kit that includes all STL files. Eventually @Sebastian Coddington36  will make a instructable about Ninja

And we are preparing a small giveaway or contest, ideas are welcome.

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3D Printing

Otto Quad Body

Printed out the Otto Quad yesterday only to realize that none of the internal structure for mounting the power board, buzzer or switch was included. Spent some time in Fusion yesterday and came up with an initial draft. Printing it out now to verify everything is correct.

Projeto para Capacitar os professores e estudantes da região que atuam/estudam na área de ensino públicou utilizando o Otto Robot.