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Welcome to Otto Builders the community of Otto DIY robot, we share knowledge, solve problems and make all kinds of opensource robots.

3D Printing
3D Printing

It’s amazing that you can make the Otto parts yourself, but it’s common to need help! 

Just let us know what you are having issues with by starting a conversation in this channel, or see whether others have dealt with it before. 

🔧 Project
3D Printing

Otto Quad Body

Printed out the Otto Quad yesterday only to realize that none of the internal structure for mounting the power board, buzzer or switch was included. Spent some time in Fusion yesterday and came up with an initial draft. Printing it out now to verify everything is correct.

Hi @Matthew6

Welcome to the community, good question:

Otto is very well designed for 3D printing, the files that you had downloaded are property oriented, so it will not give you trouble, if you follow this common parameters:

Recommended to use a FDM 3D printer with PLA material. PETG is also ok and more flexible to assemble the snaps

No need supports, in some areas like the eyes you can add them for more precision, but they are not required.

Heated bed is very important to have flat head and body bottom.

Some printers might need rafts or skirt to... (More)

New idea for a tft robot. Will house the tft display on the front. This robot will use two 9 volt batteries with two ubecs in the back on the front battery case. One set will power the speaker, pam8403, and the mp3 player. The other set will power the servos, the neo and the tft display. Will use the Lancelot body, but will use everything else that the ottoky is. The legs, the feet, and the servo placement on the Arduino will be from ottoky. Should be done in a week. If you have any ideas to add along... (More)

Let's welcome Ottoky to the Otto Builder community :D and to Otto Blockly!

Cool right? well make your own now! Attached you will find all the .STL files (update V9) to 3D print your own. 😃


Now you can Program Ottoky and the Tokymaker board with Otto Blockly

Just select Ottoky as board on the top @Bill SCHONFELDER

Make sure for OLED to change I2C address to 0x3D

Attached couple of simple examples

How to connect?

Like with Otto now you can change the placement of the servos or other sensors just refer to the pin numbers in this... (More)