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Welcome to the Otto Builders are the community of Otto DIY, we share knowledge, solve questions, issues, obstacles, get help, troubleshooting or contribute to the opensource development of all kinds of robots. An open network of robot builders, beginners, makers & educators.


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Otto Omni4 This was inspired by my interest in omniwheeled/mecanum robots. The Otto family of robots is superb, so I designed the omniwheels to work to the original specifications. How it works: Omni4 has 4 metal-geared, 360 degree SG90 9g micro servos connected to 4 50mm omniwheels with 2x6 rollers. It is currently powered using 4xAA batteries which are installed on a shelf above the servos in the main body. Omni4 is controlled using the standard Nano ATmega328 + Nano I/O shield plus an HC-05 Bluetooth module. I have also written a very basic app using the MIT AI2 AppInventor... (More)

the new otto robot glowy