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great video César Pimentel thanks for sharing
Hi, I'm new to all of this and I'm currently 3D printing my first Otto, while waiting for the electronics to arrive. I've been wanting to get into robotics for a while just for fun. I've been looking at the academy courses to learn a bit more. Unfortunately half of my course is in English and other parts of the course play in Spanish. Does anyone know how to switch a video to another language? Thanks. Looking forward to getting more involved in the forum!
The first video is running off an external battery pack. It runs fine just like the usb connection would. The second video is using the 4.8 volt lipo inside the robot. I think it might be the shield. I would also like to figure out why one shield plays with the dfrobot player while the servos operate and the other robot cuts out. That is video 3, and it is using the same shield, the same lipo, and the same equipment. Any ideas? This is programmed in blockly. I did order a new shield to trouble shoot it. Hi I'm... (More)
Otto Iron Man