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Hi all.....just wondering.... how do your Ottos turn? I'm testing the turn function both in Blockly and Arduino IDE...and this little guy (Otto LC) doesn't turn. It just make the desired number of steps...with some unclear direction....but it doesn't clearly turn to the desired side.

I've been testing to modify the turn function in the Otto library, with different amplitudes and offsets...but with any luck. Attached the modification that I did to the function.

Any advise?

How to call Otto9::_moveServos private function
I would like to program servo movement directly. How can I call Otto9::_moveServos private function from my program? Is it possible?
Hello everyone! I am new to this community. I would like to implement OTTO DIY using a nodeMCU V3 and an Adafruit PCA pca9685. I have searched for similar projects but found nothing. I don't know how to start and if the OTTO libraries can be used as a starting point. I would appreciate any advice or suggestion. Greetings!