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This is a common area that Otto Builders need help in; coding with Arduino IDE and we are here to help! 

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Projeto para Capacitar os professores e estudantes da região que atuam/estudam na área de ensino públicou utilizando o Otto Robot.

Firmware version for Otto the robot who wants to be strokеd

📑 Attached code and Link to firmware here -

The firmware is based on V11. Suitable for the Otto Plus kit (the circuit must have a Bluetooth module, a touch button and an ultrasonic sensor HC-SR04). The firmware has removed the LED matrix control and other elements that I do not use in my Otto, so it now takes only 68% of the Arduino memory. Otto knows how to respond to your stroking (touching the upper part of the body), and live for a some time satisfied without showing your love. When the time has passed, as soon as... (More)

📝 Post
OttoNinja Code from Github .. doesn't work?! [SOLVED NOW] Hi Camilo Parra Palacio, hi Sebastian Coddington, I am trying to commission the Ninja with the OttoDIY ESP8266 Board. The first attempt with preinstalled code and remoteXY wasn't that nice.. So downloading the newest Arduino libraries First: The Arduino IDE 1.8.13 refuses "" as non valid library, so ist doesn't work as described at Github. Second: fixed Third: Extracted and moved the directories under "src" into the Arduino library folder and the "examples" content to the sketchbook folder. Restart Arduino IDE. The OttoNinja_APP.ino is the only example I could compile.... (More)