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This is a common area that Otto Builders need help in; coding with Arduino IDE and we are here to help! Take a look at existing documentation in our forum to see if others have dealt with a similar problem to yours if not then post here.

How to call Otto9::_moveServos private function
I would like to program servo movement directly. How can I call Otto9::_moveServos private function from my program? Is it possible?
Guys i found this cool tool for creating OLED animations, basically you can just pick web icons8 that already have the frames and here you can convert them to code the sketch gets very heavy do, so maybe your microcontroller wont have enough memory for more stuff, but is a start
A solution to protect the Arduino's build in voltage regulator from to much current drawn by the servos: I cut that +5 Volt track on the PCB back (see photo arrow), so that the V pins from the digital connectors are separated from the +5 Volt of the rest of the V pins and the Arduino's 5 Volt. You can now supply the Arduino from Battery at the Vin pins, and supply the servos over an extra voltage regulator (like an ubec) as shown on the photo too. The capacitors were a test, to stabilize / denoising the voltagesupply for... (More)