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If you aren’t clear as to how you can give your Otto the power to dance and move, talk here and the community will respond with solutions to get you started

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When Otto meets a dingbot ( then the result can only be a DingbOtto. The secondary reason for designing this, other than I have a liking for small crazy robots, is to allow holding a bigger battery pack. My first Otto ran with no problem off an external power feed, even from a powerbank, but could not run off its internal 16340 battery. It would work with 2 servos attached, occasionally with 3, but never with 4. This holds a double 18650 battery shield. I will post a real photo rather than just renderings once I have finished painting the... (More)
I made a SEX Video for you - Strange Electronics eXperience:

Measuring the voltage between the batteryholder's plus and the IO board's plus when Servos are moving - the voltage over ONE connection (wires, switch, pin) is about 0.1 to 0.4 volts.

Assuming the minus side is the same then there are up to 0.8 volts eaten by the wiring between battery and servo connector.

Hi @Danilo Schembri22 

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Good question, the battery only charges via the USB port that it has on the back, not when coding, they have independent circuits.

It is normal that Otto executes the program even with USB connected because the USB port from a computer also provides power to the Arduino board, all the input and output pins but sometimes is not enough when there are too many servos.

In all cases is better to have the battery on to avoid resets during coding.