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Welcome to the Otto Builders are the community of Otto DIY, we share knowledge, solve questions, issues, obstacles, get help, troubleshooting or contribute to the opensource development of all kinds of robots. An open network of robot builders, beginners, makers & educators.


Having some obstacles coding with Otto Blockly? That’s fine! Just start a conversation here and we will solve as community. Share also if you have successfully used and what would you like to improve, new features, new blocks, new languages?


Hi Bill SCHONFELDER here are the new blocks for OLED you need, so as Oscar Ferruz said we are working on the release of a new version for Otto Blockly the 1.4.1

But if you wanna test now the new file is here and do these steps
1. Right click on "Raw" save link as... (that will download just that file)
2. Use that file to replace the one installed in your computer
3. Press F5 in Otto Blockly, that will update the blocks

Let me know how it goes
Camilo Parra Palacio suggested I try a longer delay. I am loading up a test image that we can work with. I made this blockly and if you turn off one of the bmp images the one that is not off will show up. If you leave them both on the last bmp image will always overide the other images. Lets see if you guys can get this test program to work. Then our challenge will be less if we can get this too work.
Birger T Oscar Ferruz The zip file is for Birger its arduino
Please watch the video as I explain to you what I think my theory is that is causing this to not work. By using the process of reverse engineering and elimination, I think we are close to figuring out what exactly is happening in the blocks and in the code. Camilo Parra Palacio Birger T Oscar Ferruz Birger, I see what you saw in the code and your right both blocks have been rewritten, and the color is white. That is not what I use in those blocks so there is a fault in the program when it turns it... (More)
I have attached the example of animation TFT using the ST7735 0.96". The ini block is configured for my board, but you can change por your pins. The most important, you don´t forget to use the SPI pins SCK and MOSI.

Any question let me know