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Welcome to Otto Builders the community of Otto DIY robot, we share knowledge, solve problems and make all kinds of opensource robots.


Having some obstacles coding with Otto Blockly

That’s fine! Just start a conversation here and we will solve as community. 

Share new codes and what would you like to improve, new features, new blocks, new languages? 

🔧 Project

Otto Blockly how to create new Blocks?

Divide and conquer

I figure it was time to make a new project post for those who want to understand and learn how to create blocks for Otto Blockly. I will do my best to attempt to reverse engineer what was given to me and how it works. So in this Otto Blockly blocks planning - Google Sheets is where all magic happens:

  • Block Visual = this tab on the spreadsheet shows what the block will look like. This can be achieved using The Block factory or screenshots of similar blocks
  • includes[] = this will include the needed libraries for... (More)
🔧 Project

🚜Otto Farming game

Learn coding while playing with Otto, No experience needed

🌾🌽 🍅 🍄

We have a new and super exciting coding game with Otto, give a try now!

An interactive educational game made for getting started into Blockly, Python and JavaScript, both Block-Based and Text-Based programming

Works best in Google Chrome browser and is not meant for phone devices.

We Launched in the hour of code international coding event to celebrate computer science with Otto robot!

You can have complete access to all the 100 levels in the game and 7 new chapters

Just let us know your interest in... (More)


Hi @VM9 welcome to the community

It is strange is asking for a library file that is not used in Ninja and Otto9Humanoid.h is depreciated, can you try the App example code? 

Can you put an screenshot of your code?