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Having some obstacles coding with Otto Blockly

That’s fine! Just start a conversation here and we will solve as community. 

Share new codes and what would you like to improve, new features, new blocks, new languages? 

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Camilo Parra PalacioOtto Creator
Founder and Designer of @OttoDIY
Blockly examples with Humanoid, sound sensor and LED eyes

Servo Jitterbug and we can't dance

Time to address this issue if we want to keep our lovely Neo pixels. Who does not love our Neos. (don't raise your hand).

The problem

"The single-wire control protocol used by NeoPixels requires a very steady data stream at 800 kilobits per second. There’s a tiny margin for error, but not very much. Bits must be issued at a precisely controlled rate…the Adafruit_NeoPixel library handles all this behind the scenes, carefully counting the time of each machine code instruction. For every pixel, there’s 24 of these:"

"Meanwhile, the Arduino is normally using small fractions of time here and there... (More)

Hi everyone. How to solve the conflict between IRremote and Buzzer? (Timers Issue) Thanks!!

hi Felipe KSW
Have you found the solution yet?
I had the same problem when adding an additional device command block like a Buzzer or an LED Mouth.