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Welcome to Otto Builders the community of Otto DIY robot, we share knowledge, solve problems and make all kinds of opensource robots.


Having some obstacles coding with Otto Blockly

That’s fine! Just start a conversation here and we will solve as community. 

Share new codes and what would you like to improve, new features, new blocks, new languages? 



Welcome to the community. Did you select Arduino Nano or Arduino Nano Old bootloader? try both

🔧 Project

Calibration of biped robots

1. Using Processing

Give new users an easy interface to work with. One that is not as scary as the serial monitor.

We have a video that shows the process

Follow this link to the full guide and all details

2. Using desktop App by @Jason Snow

Try this desktop App it will ask you to install .NET Framework 3.5

It is like the mobile App but on your PC using USB to send all commands

3. Using Otto Blockly with the calibration block

The most simple way so far but annoyingly need to reupload the code until by iteration... (More)

🔧 Project

Otto Blockly next release improvements 1.4.5.

Hi Otto Builders!

I have created this project to collect all bugs, blocks requests improvements and ideas for the next release of Otto Blockly.

@Bill SCHONFELDER @Birger T @Ian Shatwell @ArisBlocky @Ross Rabette

Please just reply with the exact name of the block or new block idea screenshot of how it should look will be helpful and a link to the post/project where it has been discussed.

I will be editing as you reply and updating as is implemented and new versions appear

These are the ones I have collected so far :

  • Otto wheels blocks
  • I2C expander to run... (More)
📝 Post
Hi, i need to make my bot dance with the music at once. how can i do it?