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Bluetooth & App
Bluetooth & App

Having issues with installing the App and/or Bluetooth? 

Share your questions or problems in this topic and we’ll be here to sort them out as community.

Android App download here

IOS App download here

this is my first modification, previously it didn't have 2 hands,😂
Thanks:All Master
I use a battery with a size of 4 × 1900mah, With a time of 30-60 minutes
Due to lack of rear weight, turning right is difficult
hi, new member of otto family :-) yesterday build humanoid set, and now fscing few issues, bluetooht not working (red light flshing on bord, but mobile phone did not find device), right hand not moving, look issue with servo, pls could you help me, ?

Hi @Piers Kennedy3

I know what you mean I have seen couple of Ottos on the web with Wemos or ESP82665

One of them was on the cover of an Australian magazine! Double Trouble - Biped Robot - DIYODE Magazine6

Robot/7-1 Otto at master · kdi6033/Robot · GitHub 8 who knows Korean?

This one in Where ideas get made. | Wikifactory 12

and there are couple more with ESP32 which I tried to gather here GitHub - OttoDIY/OttoDIYESP: build you own internet of robots! 7 we can't use same libraries without conflicts but there must be a way to make them compatible with... (More)