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Projects that can be added to make Otto starter modular. 

Different from current remixes of Ottos, Some of these could be made available as small expansion/extension boxes to add, physical expansion packs.



This is a quick post to demonstrate where I am at with a radio controlled Otto. I am old school and like analogue controllers much more than mobile phones.

If people are interested I can make this into a full project. Something like the joystick controller and RF modules could make a nice expansion kit for Otto.

Otto Turning/Rotating head

Hi Guys

Maybe you did not know but the turning head for Otto has been out for a while, thanks to my friend at Prusa Lab they did as entry for the #OttoREMIXchallenge. 

The size unfortunately it is not compatible with new Version of Otto so I am working on a new update for the V10-12 3d print files. I will be updating this project so make sure to follow.

Find more about how they created this OttoDIY head extension | Overview | Wikifactory


Birger T mission accomplished, we have the OLED expansion working and compatible with the previous ones. Bill SCHONFELDER you can also follow this modular approach for the laser, mp3 audio, neopixels other displays and so on.

Compatible with previous versions of Otto starter, plus and eyes. Even uses the same head as wheels.
Birger T Is this how you imagined modular feet? With the right length small screws and the right thickness feet the hole would not have to come all the way through the wrap-around part.
I just split the foot depth in half here for a quick sketch, but it might be better to have a thinner section on the leg servo section, just enough to hold the head, and a thicker section for the screw to grip on whatever design provides the toes/flippers/claws/etc.