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Projects that can be added to make Otto starter modular. 

Different from current remixes of Ottos, Some of these could be made available as small expansion/extension boxes to add, physical expansion packs.


🔧 Project

Lateral expansions quad and wheels

This idea from @Ronny Martinez  it is very interesting you can easily swap quad or  wheels from biped body with snaps. Remind me of your idea @Piers Kennedy  for omni but you got to bottom instead which I like it too.

The difference here is that switch won't be able to be on the back it is on the way, so we have to agree on what path to take

@Bill SCHONFELDER  see this approach, can you design standard universal joints that we always use for this kind of expansions/modules?


🔧 Project

otto can already see sideways ...

Good evening hello everyone....

Otto robot rotating head
Otto robot rotating head

Inspired by a video featured in this group, I have finished the extension so that Otto can move his head a little 45, 90 and 135 degrees, I could not achieve more travel, through the connection cables but it is a good start. compatible with version 10 and 11 of Otto body. however I have a rare vibration in the servo. 

I leave the video for you to observe the detail. Thanks. 

I attached the stl files, with the extension. Greetings.

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Camilo Parra PalacioOtto Creator
Founder and Designer of @OttoDIY
Birger T mission accomplished, we have the OLED expansion working and compatible with the previous ones. Bill SCHONFELDER you can also follow this modular approach for the laser, mp3 audio, neopixels other displays and so on.

Compatible with previous versions of Otto starter, plus and eyes. Even uses the same head as wheels.