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Welcome to Otto Builders the community of Otto DIY robot, we share knowledge, solve problems and make all kinds of opensource robots.


Do you have a cool idea for Otto robot or the community? please post it here including napkin sketches and new features you will like to see

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Smart Expansion with Games

By adding some wires and a breadboard to the Otto "Smart Expansion", I can now play games on the OLED. Thanks to @Martinez Martinez and Camilo Parra Palacio for helping me trouble shoot a coding issue. I'm using these wire connectors at the back of the expansion so that I can connect the wires between the programming board and breadboard when I want to play a game (I don't like the connectors though--they're not easy to disconnect). I disconnect them when not playing. I'm using the space where the sensor would go and keep a connector in place with a... (More)

Hello everyone, my name is Josué, i'm from México, let me introduce you to Otto Baymax, i participated in the Otto Remix Challenge 2019 with this small robot, I have added some features and functions to the original code and robot that I wish you could see, what you'll see on this video, is OttoBaymax responding to voice commands and playing some phrases from this well known movie (Latin American dubbing), hope you like it :)
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Camilo Parra PalacioOtto Creator
Founder and Designer of @OttoDIY

Lateral expansions quad and wheels

This idea from @Ronny Martinez  it is very interesting you can easily swap quad or  wheels from biped body with snaps. Remind me of your idea @Piers Kennedy  for omni but you got to bottom instead which I like it too.

The difference here is that switch won't be able to be on the back it is on the way, so we have to agree on what path to take

@Bill SCHONFELDER  see this approach, can you design standard universal joints that we always use for this kind of expansions/modules?