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Welcome to the Otto Builders are the community of Otto DIY, we share knowledge, solve questions, issues, obstacles, get help, troubleshooting or contribute to the opensource development of all kinds of robots. An open network of robot builders, beginners, makers & educators.


Have you built your own Otto? Or any other robot? 

Here is the space to share your automated Projects and robot remixes! Make sure to use the Project tab to attach 3D print files, electronic wirings and codes including nice picture and videos

this is my first modification, previously it didn't have 2 hands,😂
Thanks:All Master
I use a battery with a size of 4 × 1900mah, With a time of 30-60 minutes
Due to lack of rear weight, turning right is difficult

This is a quick post to demonstrate where I am at with a radio controlled Otto. I am old school and like analogue controllers much more than mobile phones.

If people are interested I can make this into a full project. Something like the joystick controller and RF modules could make a nice expansion kit for Otto.
Bill SCHONFELDER An early morning present to Texas. Blockly tidied for BORK DC motors and uploaded. You now have independent control on the two motors in the forwards and backwards functions. I have added a rotate left and rotate right. If BORK does the opposite (your motor setup is the mirror of mine), then just rename the two functions. By varying the ratio of spA and spB in the forwards/backwards functions you should be able to experiment and have BORK veering left or right. He should now be able to groove dance in a lumbering sort of way. All tested... (More)
This is a fun remix of Otto long time ago

I don't know why we never made that skateboard too looks fun!
there are more cool creations in the Remix challenge they made