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Welcome to Otto Builders the community of Otto DIY robot, we share knowledge, solve problems and make all kinds of opensource robots.


Have you built your own Otto? Or any other robot? 

Here is the space to share your automated Projects and robot remixes! Make sure to use the Project tab to attach 3D print files, electronic wirings and codes including nice picture and videos

Modified Ninja

I was not satisfied with either US eyes or a Ledmatrix.
With some -rather rough- modifications I was able to position the 16x8 Led matrix as a mouth underneath the eyes.

I studied ways to have US sensor, buzzer, pushbutton and ledmatrix and I found as the best way this wiring:

A0 = Pushbutton (switches to +)
D0 = GPIO16 US Echo pin
D1 = GPIO4 SCL (I2C)
D2 = GPIO5 SCA (I2C)
D3 = GPIO0 Right Foot
D4 = GPIO2 Right Leg
D5 = GPIO14 US Trigger pin
D6 = GPIO12 Buzzer pin
D7 = GPIO13 Left Foot
D8... (More)

🔧 Project

Smart Expansion with Games

By adding some wires and a breadboard to the Otto "Smart Expansion", I can now play games on the OLED. Thanks to @Martinez Martinez and Camilo Parra Palacio for helping me trouble shoot a coding issue. I'm using these wire connectors at the back of the expansion so that I can connect the wires between the programming board and breadboard when I want to play a game (I don't like the connectors though--they're not easy to disconnect). I disconnect them when not playing. I'm using the space where the sensor would go and keep a connector in place with a... (More)

Hello everyone, my name is Josué, i'm from México, let me introduce you to Otto Baymax, i participated in the Otto Remix Challenge 2019 with this small robot, I have added some features and functions to the original code and robot that I wish you could see, what you'll see on this video, is OttoBaymax responding to voice commands and playing some phrases from this well known movie (Latin American dubbing), hope you like it :)
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Remix3D Printing

Lee robot now FREE files for you to make your own!

This was the first winner of the Otto inventor program, Lee a robot design by @Ronny Martinez, it was selected by the community among many other great submissions,

Lee is very similar to Otto Humanoid but with the option to turn the head in this way you can verify obstacles around it.

Now the inventor wants to share it with the world!

Layer Height : 0.3mm or less /

Raft or Brim: Not required

Support : Not required
Wall Line Count : 2 / Top Solid : 3 / Bottom Solid : 3
Infill Density : 20%
It takes... (More)