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Have you built your own Otto? Or any other robot? 

Here is the space to share your automated Projects and robot remixes! Make sure to use the Project tab to attach 3D print files, electronic wirings and codes including nice picture and videos

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Call it The Ottopod
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Someone said Otto Penguin?

Do you remember Devansh Ahuja (@devd_31) remix submission?


Here is a glimpse of how it looks inside:


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Driving the US Sensor with only one IO-Pin

Making a Y-wire to connect the trigger- and the echo-pins to one of the digital pins - pin 10 for example. And at the start of your code assign the pin# to both symbols..

const unsigned int PIN_UStrigg = 10;

const unsigned int PIN_USecho = 10;

I don't use the HC-SR04 library - I wrote my own code to handle it, to keep it small in flash and short in execution time. And my opinion, there's no need to deal with floats or long integers.

If an obstacle is more then 50cm away, there is still enough place to walk... (More)