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Welcome to the Otto Builders are the community of Otto DIY, we share knowledge, solve questions, issues, obstacles, get help, troubleshooting or contribute to the opensource development of all kinds of robots. An open network of robot builders, beginners, makers & educators.

Scratch AI
Scratch AI

Child friendly block programming based on scratch, create your own games play with Otto robot and start to interact with Artificial Intelligence!


Want to play Otto Pacman?
Load this Pacman game from
made by @Hanco
Handwritten Numbers Recognition Web App. A demo for the Tensorflow image recognition with the MNIST dataset ( > 60,000 images was used to train the model).
Robots are being used for many services and institutions, including the military. Check out Fido, the watchdog!
Hoy! Gran evento #horadelcódigo con el equipo de Otto en latinomarica desde juegos en scratch hasta inteligencia artificial con robots para domotica.
Transmisión en YouTube

Today #hourofcode with the great Latin #OttoDIY team, #scratchgames #ai #domotic and more!