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Mighty Builders
Mighty Builders
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An elite team of Otto Builders, exclusive group for the top participants in the community to discuss about advanced robotics stuff.

Camilo replied 9 months ago
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Hello, good day, I saw a nano circuit board while browsing I can't find it anymore, does anyone know where it is and if you can buy it, thank you very much. Antonio

Someone commented a year ago
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I have an idea I want to pursue. Is it possible to use a processor, that can store multiple functions? What I mean is this. If I push a button, on a robot or object, can I then expect that button to perform the task that the button was assigned to do every time? Lets say I have a bank of 10 buttons, that are preprogrammed. One button turns on a clock lets, say. Another button will turn on a Neo light pattern when pressed. This happens all the way down the line using those 10 locking buttons or momentary... (More)
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Camilo Parra PalacioOtto Creator
Founder and Designer of @OttoDIY
Secure group proof for not believers in safe internet, but you are right Piers Kennedy nothing is really secure in internet
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Hi, I'm still alive but rather busy now after my long stay in hospital.
Regards to the Mighties