Are these the components to the game pad you want to design? If so then just say so. If not then please show me what is missing and how to place the electronic parts. Can not really design it yet because there are too many variables and makes. So once you all settle on one design I can order the parts and begin to fit them in.


Updated the picture. Are these the parts we need? I love my virtual sandbox. I can create anything in there. Big or small. I have the plans to a full size land drilling derrik system on my desktop.
Birger T Camilo Parra Palacio Piers Kennedy

Update This is a possible setup for our new controller and I do believe it can be wired with 30 gauge or 28 gauge wire.
Has a Nano every
HC-05 bluetooth
Two joysticks
Two button pads
A gyro axis thing
Some module with an antenna.