I thought it would be interesting  to  show a more or less failed project. I wanted  to use standard parts to create a chickenleg bipdal OTTO. 

I used  OTTO arms as thighs and the standard feet as feet with 4 servos in total. 

It works a little bit , in that it shuffles  around if you let the servos take mini steps, and frequently falls over on its face.

The problem of course is that 2  DOF just isnt enough, for this form of bipedal you need  at least 3 DOF or you need a mechanism to change the balance on one leg before taking a step.

Camilo figured this out probably when designing the standard OTTO.

So for the time being this project is considered a fail but someone may be triggered  to dream up something different.

Doesnt mean that i will stop thinking of course  ! Have fun.