This may go somewhere or it may not.  But, as we discovered that Blockly holds a lot of secrets still waiting to be unveiled by the right question or challenge.

Lets go over first what we learned from last year, (everyone add to this please) everyone is responsible for making it the best blockly ever.

  1. We now can do multiple images on one oled. 
  2. We can do laser radar triggers.
  3. We can use the DF player mini and the serial MP3 player in a bot.

What I learned and want to share

  • If  you have a loop in a logic block that repeats a number of times and you change that number to 0, it acts the say way as the disable feature and does not see the code in the program.  Very handy to keep your code and not make it greyed out on larger programs.
  • You get immediate results when you change a number or feature, (rule of thumb), is too always use the check program feature before trying to load up any new program.  Not only will this save you from frying out an ardunio because you over loaded its memory, but you can make sure it runs fine in the program, and then trouble shoot the hardware if it does not work in your bot. It could be reverse servo or wire.
  • I always use frtizing to help me in my wiring virtually before applying to my new design or creation. It really allows you to identify your pins and layouts and saves you time and frustration of unplugging and testing in the real bot.
  • For very large programs you can take your loop and reduce its size to be just a bar, then un reduce it when you want to make changes.
  • I always use comments to help me identify what my loop is explaining for me to do.  Very helpful when sharing blocs with others and to remember what your blocks did when calibrating.