Hi @Piers Kennedy    @Ian Shatwell   @Bill SCHONFELDER @Birger T  and all community members

This was confusing for me at the beginning but If you notice when posting there are 3 tabs:

Post: is for quick things and simple fast comments.

Project: is for long discussions around an idea, concept, new robot or other project, this type allows bigger conversations, attach pictures in comment, index replies, rich editing, embed links or codes and even more.

Question: Pretty self explanatory make question looking for concrete answers but has a poll feature when you want people to answer quickly based on options. Like when we voted for the color of Otto Eyes.

In all of them you can attach pictures, videos etc but the choice might affect how you are gonna interact with other members, and how the community can respond.

At the end all works but I am wondering if maybe we just keep Project tab instead of the Post tab, in this way we encourage discussion and questions only, not just simple posts. 

What do you think? Let me know what way will work the best for all of us.