@Bill SCHONFELDER , @Oscar Ferruz  and I had a series of discussions about implementing the DFMini with the Otto Blockly code. There is a simple solution to the problem of disconnecting the RX/TX pins which are coded to pins 0/1 if the Blockly code is changed in a minimal way.

Would it be possible to modify things so that the following two lines are be added in a setup block:

#include <SoftwareSerial.h>
SoftwareSerial DFMiniserial(10,11);

and where you see Serial.begin() and Serial.write() these simply become DFMiniserial.begin() and DFMiniserial.write().

I have tested this in the IDE and it works perfectly. This is a very minor change and one which means there is no need to disconnect lines to pins 0 and 1 when uploading.

The rest of the Blockly code for the DFMini works fine with these minor changes.