Beloved community behold our most recent Otto Blockly 1.4.4

We have fixed the auto updater give a try! 

just click on the ? "About" button 

And then click on the "☑️Check now" button, the software will download the updates and get the new version ready for you.

@Piers Kennedy @Bill SCHONFELDER @Oscar Ferruz @Birger T @Nicolas @Iván Artiles @César Pimentel @ROBERTO GERLEIN 

Thanks to all of you for your suggestions and to many for your contributions,  we have improved a lot again.

Make sure to read this guide (comments are welcome)

Otto Blockly 1.4.4 Windows installer download here

Give a try and Let us know any feedback comment and reply to this Project we will be creating a new list for improvements to come.

@Paweł Sowiński