Hello Builders

I am very excited to share this new design I have been working for a while, inspired in many of your designs and remixes Bill SCHONFELDER Ian Shatwell and from all the feedback we have been collecting this years there was something often requested.

How can I add a LED matrix to my starter/basic/plus Otto?
What if I wanna add arms later?

Before this post , the answer always was: 3D print Otto Humanoid body and head (so basically make a new robot).

Robots should be modular by nature, as mechanical machines they could be re-arranged depending on the needs of the inventor, but is easy to said than to create a modular system. So attached is the first iteration of a series of "Otto expansions" relying on the same simple snap we always had, the solution was in front of our noses! Many did the stack expansion before but only to increase space for cables/sensors etc.

I would love to hear other ideas or suggestions around this new concept and how can we make Otto more versatile and dynamic to interchange parts? My dream is to create together a catalogue of modular Otto parts that you can put in multiple configurations(yes sound like Lego but more tailored to robotics and Arduino sensors/audio/displays/motors etc)everything you see in Otto Blockly.

This is just the start, I can imagine we can also make use of other features around the basic shape of Otto to enable new possibilities (from biped to wheels or to quadruped etc) without remaking new parts every time.