Here is an idea of how we can use the laser ranger, an oled for eyes and emotions, and that 8 ohm speaker with the digital pam.

Otto starts to walk forward into a wall from about 1 foot away, as he get nearer to the wall the Oled will flash some squinting eyes, kind of like examining what is before him. The laser will trigger those eyes and maybe some neo lights for flash. Then as he continues to the wall, the laser then triggers another program causing Otto to walk slower toward the wall at a closer distance. The Oled then flashes some big eyes as he slowly approaches. Now the laser is reading a closer number and this triggers a file in the DF player to play say "oh oh" or something of a worry like this. Otto is slowly walking toward the wall, eyes are big. He thinks he might crash into the wall. The as he just about gets within four inches of the walk he stops, triggered again by the laser. Then he either slowly backs up or turns to the left or the right. The Df player is then triggered by the laser to play a happy tune or song that Otto begins to hum or play.

I have already made a set of eyes for the Oled that animate blinking, trouble is you have to use an every or higher power nano. Or be careful of how much memory you use before seeing that red frying error that will destroy your nano.

If Piers Kennedy can make a DF player that will work with trigger files as file001, and so forth, that can work with the laser, thats another part of the program that is done.

If Camilo Parra Palacio Birger T Ian Shatwell figure out how to use the laser to trigger programs that is another program that is done.

I wonder if the function block that has options would work here??
We will also need those other two pins on the laser maybe, to triggers events or new programs that are timed?

This group written program can be used in any otto, or ottoky if we do it with options for the HRC.

Imagine the possibilities if we pull this off as a collective group.
#ottotomars #ottoblockythenewcode