Hi Bill SCHONFELDER, I bought an E-Book for you ;-)
I didn't play with the player yet. And of course there are many reasons to catch unwanted noise to an audio player or an amplifier. It starts with unshielded wires, then how the power is distributed (there should be a central Gnd connection) and a noisy / rippled supply voltage.

When looking at your Bork schematic again: the power for the player should be connected directly at the power pins of the AMP. If your cabling is like in the drawing, then the wires are like antennas, catching the "noise" from the ambient. The audio wires between player and AMP must be as short as possible or even better shielded, where the shield must be connected only at the Gnd pin of the AMP. Tipp: an old computer CD drive could have the shielded wire, you'll need for the audio signals.