Hi Guys

I am very happy that finally had time to compare these two new expansions after soo many iterations and thanks to Piers Kennedy calibration it was a breeze to make them walk properly. It is funny that after calibration they both are steering to the right, I must have done something wrong? Please let me know.

On the left there is the Otto esp8266 as promised testing the walk, as you can see it walks quite decent even with the servos at 3.3V I am using an ubec+lithium as Bill SCHONFELDER does in his robots. Anyways I want to leave the esp on hold until we properly document all the new expansions and finish the design for wheels module. But if you like it, feel free to explore it.

On the right is the humanoid expansion I think is gonna be a hit and with the hammer it looks really cool! Can't wait to start some battles or make it play some drums?

This biped races are gonna be fun for the tournament