Cool right? well make your own now! Attached you will find all the .STL files (update V9) to 3D print your own. 😃


Now you can Program Ottoky and the Tokymaker board with Otto Blockly 

Just select Ottoky as board on the top @Bill SCHONFELDER 

Make sure for OLED to change I2C address to 0x3D

Attached couple of simple examples

How to connect?

Like with Otto now you can change the placement of the servos or other sensors just refer to the pin numbers in this diagram to know what to connect where. Play around with the integrated functions like the 2 buttons, Neopixel and 3 touch pads. Special thanks to @Nicolas  for making this possible

How to build Video

What do you think of Ottoky? 

Some already have one here, what is your experience so far?