Guys I want to include the examples you have made recently as default for the new coming Otto Blockly 1.4.3

Can you help me add some comments/notes into the blocks of how they work for beginners?

Video is optional for now but if we have already let me know where are they?

✅ Completed

❓ Missing or Not found but likely existent or easy to make

Current ones inside the software:

LevelExample nameRobotFritzingCommentVideo
1🎼 MelodyStarter✅❓❓
1🤖 Legs calibration Starter✅❓✅
1 🤖 Avoid obstaclesStarter✅❓✅
2📏 Serial measure distanceStarter✅❓✅
2👄 Mouths Emotions+mouth✅❓❓
2👀 Eyes Emotions+eyes✅❓✅
3🦿 Servo Advanced Starter❓❓❓
3📱 Bluetooth +bluetooth❓❓❓
3🔊 MP3 Triggers+screen❓❓❓
3⚖️ Gyro+sensor✅❓❓

Pending to add from the community

many need to be redone as you see also because of the lack of comments

LevelExample nameRobotFritzingCommentsVideo
2⚙️ DC motors+driver✅❓✅
2⚙️ DC motors calibration+driver✅❓✅
2🌡️ Temperature/Humidity+sensor❓❓❓
2🤖 OttokyTokymaker✅❓❓
3🌈 Color sensing+sensor❓❓❓
2⚙️Stepper motors+stepper❓❓❓
2🕹️ Remote control IrDa+infrared❓❓❓
3🖱️ Mouse & KeysLeonardo❓❓❓
 more? reply in the comments