UPDATED Online Otto Blockly

Now is possible to upload code to your robot via USB directly from the Chrome browser, that means you can now use any OS!

  1. Download and install Arduino Agent
  2. Find the config.ing file in the folder where Arduino Agent was installed
    On macOS ~/Applications/ArduinoCreateAgent/ArduinoCreateAgent.app/Contents/MacOS/config.ini
    On Linux ~/ArduinoCreateAgent/config.ini
    On Windows C:\Users\[your user]\AppData\Roaming\ArduinoCreateAgentS
  3. Open and modify the origins to "origins = https://ottoschool.com";
  4. Save and make sure the name and extension of the file has not been changed "config.ini" config.ini.txt wont work for example
  5. Go to https://ottoschool.com/blockly
  6. Open the walk Example.
  7. Select Arduino Nano old bootloader
  8. Connect your Otto and Click in the USB icon
  9. Check that Agent Installed: Yes and Agent Connected: Yes
  10. Click the upload icon

Wait a bit and your Otto will be walking!.

The first 5 steps only need to be done one time (setup), this Beta we will continue working so that the config.ini wont need to be modified.

Thanks to @Jorge Gonzalez  for this achievement!

Please let us know @Birger T  @Oscar Ferruz  if any bug.