Divide and conquer

I figure it was time to make a new project post for those who want to understand and learn how to create blocks for Otto Blockly.  I will do my best to attempt to reverse engineer what was given to me and how it works. So in this Otto Blockly blocks planning - Google Sheets is where all magic happens: 

  • Block Visual = this tab on the spreadsheet shows what the block will look like. This can be achieved using The Block factory or screenshots of similar blocks
  • includes[] = this will include the needed libraries for the Arduino sketch in order to operate.
  • variables[] = this have the variables need and also can have the false and true statements that tell what the purpose of the block is to do.
  • definitions[] = this tab defines and assigns the pin value of the block to the Arduino or shield.
  • setups[] = this the code that runs at start one time.
  • user functions[] = this is the actual code simplified into functions this will appear in void loop()

This is the first step in how a block is setup to be defined, programmed, and run using the needed libraries that Arduino pulls from. Some very simple blocks  might only need functions to operate but others will need all it depends... of the component complexity.

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