Hi Otto Builders!

I have created this project to collect all bugs, blocks requests improvements and ideas for the next release of Otto Blockly.

@Bill SCHONFELDER @Birger T   @Ian Shatwell @ArisBlocky @Ross Rabette   

Just reply please with the exact name of the block or new block idea screenshot of how it should look will be helpful and a link to the post/project where it has been discussed.

These are the ones I have collected so far 

(I will be editing as you reply and updating as is implemented and new versions appear):

Long Term road map

  • ESP8266 watchdog
  • Operations for server
  • Crear simple html for web server
  • Blocks config wifi server and client
  • Cayenne
  • Servo pending if need dropdown
  • Buzzer pending if need dropdown
  • Create a Encoder sensor block
  • Create Blocks for multiple images for the tft display screen 160x120. Right libraries.
  • Pixy cam2
  • Use the actual DFrobot library for dfmini
  • Create A RF block in 'Communication', specifically for the nRF24L01.
  • Create or modify to control multiple OLED display at same time block
  • Serial player to work with the mic and the pam8403 digital version. change volume
  • Create Block to use a tsr or tssr microphone jack to use external speakers.
  • Wiring creator like Fritzing