Firstly a huge nod of thanks to @Jason Snow for creating Otto Wheels; it is a lovely Otto bot and was a perfect platform to showcase the Pico. I wanted to make one when I first came across Otto, so hopefully this is a fitting tribute. Any design changes I made were minimal to accommodate the board in Otto's body and the power supply in the head.

I can provide much more detail later if people are interested. Briefly, Pico Wheels has a RPi Pico (no surprise!), the Kitronik Pico Robotics Board (, two 320 RPM, 6V N20 DC motors (the 60 RPM ones I have would have been a better choice), a little piezo buzzer and the classic US sensor eyes.

The Pico is running MicroPython and the IDE I use is Thonny.

This is a VERY basic demonstration, but it does show an RP2040 board inside the classic Otto head and body. I briefly cover the build, the code and show that it actually works!

I will add the Bluetooth later this week, but I made promises to @Bill SCHONFELDER and @Camilo Parra Palacio to produce material and this will be done first.