OttoNinja Code from Github .. doesn't work?! [SOLVED NOW]
Hi Camilo Parra Palacio, hi Sebastian Coddington,

I am trying to commission the Ninja with the OttoDIY ESP8266 Board. The first attempt with preinstalled code and remoteXY wasn't that nice.. So downloading the newest Arduino libraries

First: The Arduino IDE 1.8.13 refuses "" as non valid library, so ist doesn't work as described at Github.

Second: fixed

Third: Extracted and moved the directories under "src" into the Arduino library folder and the "examples" content to the sketchbook folder. Restart Arduino IDE.

The OttoNinja_APP.ino is the only example I could compile.
And it works much better, then the pre installed code.

Deleted text.

Anyone here who got the solution?
Please share - thanks in advance.