OttoPad Prototype
OttoPad Prototype

There are two other posts discussing an RC controller for Otto:

I thought this might be better served as a project so that others can add files/pictures etc.

This is a working prototype and I am just about to add the MPU to give the controller 'tilt' functionality. There are better (faster) ways to hook up the MPU and OLED and I am waiting for the module that I need to arrive.

Below is a short demo of the OttoPad. I point out design flaws which need to be addressed, but I am not a designer (so I just stuck everything onto a piece of MDF at this point).

When I have everything connected up to OttoRC and working, I'll post all code (not Blockly, sorry @Bill SCHONFELDER!) and Fritzings. Right now I need to fix the wife's car!