👋🏼Hello everyone! After the great post by @David Myers about gaming with Smart extension, I had decided to combine the 2 versions of Pong he showed in the post by putting both codes together and adding a menu to choose which one you want to play. Here is a video demo but also the Arduino code! 

Could this be better?

Definitely! If you would like to collaborate with this, I have some ideas that would love to implement: 

  • Adding Otto reactions. Making the robot to move and make sounds as reactions to game actions. (Difficulty: easy)
  • Improving menu. I made a very basic one, it could have a much better UI & UX... such a nice design & code challenge! (Difficulty: medium)
  • Adding more games. In the same David post is another game: tic-tac-toe. Since it is also using buttons, it could be integrate too, but merging the code could require more than a coffee and a redbull! (Difficulty: hard)

I hope some builders motivate to create more using Otto. 

Happy coding!