This is my experimental code I wrote using your program. Piers Kennedy

I see your program.
1. If a pin is assigned a value of 0 does that mean low?
2. If a pin is assigned a value of 1 does that mean high?
Does High mean a connection or power is made to the unit?
Does Low mean that a connection is broken or interupted?

Why was I able too in my spin and forward program able to eliminate the Ini blocks and it still worked? The more we understand the better we can invent.

When I look at the put the PWM pin at (drop down box). Why won't it let me select 12 or 13? Is it because the way the block was written? Should there be more options from say 1-18? Is there a way to make it like the function block and add in more values?
Can it be made like the digital pin with two options?
Camilo Parra Palacio is this a quick fix and change?