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Asked a question 4 months ago

Can I remix the Otto Smart Expansion so that people can play games on the OLED? For context, I saw this project ( on the Arduino Project Hub for creating a simple Pong game with an OLED. I’m wondering if I can combine both so simple games (e.g., Snake, Pong) could be played on Otto’s OLED. Also, I’m new to Otto/coding/Arduino and am learning as much as I can to pass on my knowledge to my two girls who love everything robotic—so I’m definitely not an expert. I imagine one of the problems would be how to easily connect and disconnect the “controllers” (i.e., push buttons on bread boards) to Otto. I was thinking one possibility may be to have the female ends of dupont wires exposed at the back of Otto so that male ends can connect and then go to the breadboards (similarly to how the USB power cord is attached to the shield inside Otto). I attached a photo to give a very rough idea of my thinking (my library is 3D printing the parts, otherwise the wires would come out the expanded middle part of OTTO). So, any thoughts or suggestions? Is it possible? I’m happy to play around with it but want to know if it’s a no-starter. I’ll be away from my computer Aug 15-19 so if anybody posts during that time please don’t be offended if I don’t immediately respond.

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