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Asked a question 4 months ago

Good morning, I already bought the Otto kit some time ago, but only now I have had some time to play with it and I need your help. What is happening is that I managed to get everything working, but when I make the robot to move it is not acting as expected. When I walk forwards and backwards it walks +/- well, it always runs a little more to one side but it goes on, now when I try to turn left or right it doesn't work as expected. I've already used the Otto_Servo_Calibration application and calibrated the servos correctly, but it still didn't solve the problem, another problem is trying to use the examples to lift the legs, for example, it lifts very little as if it didn't have enough strength, either connected to the batteries or the USB cable. I hope you can help guide me in the right direction with other posts/videos to try to solve the problem because I really find this robot quite funny but I'm not getting to do much with it. As soon as I get home I'll try to make a little video to show you what I'm saying. Thanks in advance.

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