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Remote control
Asked a question last year

Good Morning! I am currently trying to connect to an Otto+ via Bluetooth using a Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 and the OttoDiy App. The Otto is running the latest version of Otto_App.ino. I can connect to it with two Android Phones without problems, but using the tablet, the Otto is not shown when scanning for devices in the app. In the system settings of the tablet, the Otto is shown as "MLT-BT05" (same name shown on the phones where connecting works). When I try to pair the devices, I am asked to enter a password. However, neither "0000" nor "1234" work. Using "123456789", I can get the bluetooth modules LED to briefly stop blinking and light up permanently, however, shortly after it starts blinking again and it still isnt paired and the otto is still not visible in the app. Is there any way to resolve this? Thanks for your help!

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