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Asked a question 2 years ago

Good morning! I've been having issues powering an Otto Diy+ V10 with the power booster and lithium battery while controlling it with the App. Whenever i try to make the Otto move, it shuts down completely, either immediately or after a few moves. However, it plays sounds without issue, and moving works, if it is powered via USB. I checked the voltage I'm getting from the power booster and battery, it is at 4.9 to 5 V as long as I don't give a movement-command. When the Otto is told to move, Voltage suddenly drops to 0 and the Otto shuts down. Only turning the switch on the power booster off and on makes the Otto start again. I tried testing with fewer motors, and having only 2 servos connected seems to work without issues. I added pictures of how I connected everything, maybe I made a mistake somewhere and keep missing it. However, since everything works fine while the Otto is powered by USB-Cable, I'm guessing this is an issue with the powersupply? As mentioned, I'm using the Lithium Battery charger and Power Booster with a Trustfire 16340 Battery with 880mAh connected to the 5v and Ground Pins. Thanks for your Help!

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