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Technology Teacher
Asked a question last year

Hello Everyone. I'm a French Technology teacher in a middle school and this year, I will use Otto Humanoid for my students. My computer and those of the computer room I use at the college are under Linux. Otto DIY is an amazing open source project BUT the software does not work on the only open source operating system! The navigator app on chrome does not work (it is impossible to upload anything to the arduino nano (same problem with windows). So, after a week of research on the web, I finally found an appimage file and a source to compile with npm and nodejs. Both does not work. I finally succeed with Arduino IDE and an old Library V9 and Otto blockly V1.0 (appimage or npm version), the only and last version for linux, whatever the solution we use, to make the program with blocks... but in order to upload the program, I have to copy and paste the source code into Arduino IDE because the software can't do it directly ! Every time it says "ERROR DE COMPILACIÓN Error during build: platform not installed nano". So please, can someone help me ? I really need a working solution for all my students. Thanks for your help. David.

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