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Asked a question 11 months ago

Hello, i have made already 4 otto robots. For myself i used plain arduino. Now i will introduce otto in the local coderdojo. The ottoblockly for windows i start using recenly is very good. Thanks for creating it. The online version craches when i try use input blocks. The program creates variables of type void. In coderdojo they have linux pc. I hope this error can be solved in the next online version.

Wouter Van Dijck
i see there are two online versions:

The most easy to find version does contain the error:

The one i just found the link on this forum seems the issue solved:

Camilo Parra Palacio Otto Creator
Piers Kennedy yes this is what we should focus to fix on the next version, are the variables and arrays better handled here?
Oscar Ferruz Otto Educator
Hi, you need first declare the variable, selecting the type and then you can assign values. Maybe the name of these blocks is confused, but they are working good!

We can add the bool variables too. We have inherited this part.

We need to fix the warnign error when the type is ok
Wouter Van Dijck
Thanks for looking at my question.

i will use the version :
in that version the error seems already solved.

int is there declared as default and no error.

Camilo Parra Palacio Otto Creator
Piers Kennedy anything else you think need to be added to the variables apart from bool?

From your native English and teacher perspective how they should look or work?
Wouter Van Dijck
Can we have in variables section or math section a function to convert to --> int
--> byte

see "as integer block" in

Camilo Parra Palacio Otto Creator
Wouter Van Dijck yes we can add, good call. where you introducing Otto into Coderdojo, how did it go?
Oscar Ferruz Otto Educator
I have added four casting blocks in math section now. Maybe it can be useful for you. I will review later and i an migrating my block to this otto tool
Wouter Van Dijck
We hope to start up coderdojo again in october 2021
location: Londerzeel Belgium

The aim is to use (otto) robots to show that you can do more as blinking led.
I have picked up linux PC from coderdojo this week to start testing.

The oled animations from Piers Kennedy and some others on you tube show that with some motivation you can do nice things with otto blockly.

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Asked a question 11 months ago
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