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Asked a question 5 months ago

Hello, I just got my Otto Ninja kit, super excited to build it with my son. We wanted to start with the walking Otto design but are running into a problem with the servos. We used the 180 degree servos for the legs, the 360 degree ones for the feet. The instructions said to find the "home" position for the servos. How does one do that? They turn completely around when turned by hand. There is no extreme position in either direction. When powered on they definitely go to a wildly different position, and I cannot calibrate them to start in the correct position. The 0 in the 0-to-180 sweep sketch is already way too far, with the foot turned in. How is the servo able to turn from, for example, -90 degrees to 0, but not the other way around? Do I need to set it to 90 degrees and reassemble so that will be the new starting position? It really might help to understand how the 180 degree servos function. Guessing I will probably run into some issues with the 360 degree servos too, but I'll be doing one thing at a time. Thank you!

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