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Dan Norcott
Asked a question 19 days ago

Hi Everyone! We ordered an Otto Ninja to build together, and my son and I just spent an enjoyable afternoon building the thing, but when we got to the end it didn't do anything. I figured power was the most likely issue, so I took the battery out and fully charged it again (only took a couple of minutes so presumably had lost little or none), and when I connected it up again I got a very brief twitch and the LED on the circuitboard flashing on for half a second or so, then nothing. Turning it on again did nothing. I disconnected all the servos etc from the circuitboard, thinking that the simpler things are the easier it would be to find the issue, but it's behaving in the same way even with nothing connected - a brief flash then nothing. Attached is a video of me connecting it via USB with the supplied 9v battery disconnected (have tried mac and PC - downloaded and installed the drivers in each case). Nothing recognised on the computer, brief flash most of the time it's connected then nothing. Anyone have any ideas where I might be going wrong? It might be a fritzed board somehow but I always like to suspect something I might have messed up first.

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