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Asked a question 2 months ago

Hi, I have for the first time tried to assemble the Otto robot. Everything is working when I am having the USB connected to my computer. But when I click the button it is saying that sound in the video. I am using AA batteries and they are brand new. I can’t really figure out what is wrong. Hope someone can help me?

Iván Artiles EdTech Manager
What it usually does when it is USB connected?

The sound is strange, it doesn't look like a constant reseting, that is one of the most frequent problems when using AA batteries.

Try disconnecting the motors and test only with buzzer and ultrasonic, if it works it will mean something wrong with motors; in this case the problem can be not enough power to move the motors (I have deal a lot with this, one of the first thing I check).
Tina Overgaard
Thanks for the answer. I have tried to disconnect two servos, and then it was beeping all the time. Then I tried to remove all the servos from the print board, and then it worked fine.

So it has to be the quality of the batteries I think.
Tina Overgaard
I have tried new Duracell batteries and then it is constant beeping.
Iván Artiles EdTech Manager
So yes, it can definitely be a power issue. I use a 9v rechargable battery with a 5v regulator to control my Otto robots, other way is using the 9v battery connected to the jack port from outside the robot (as you can see here:

I recommend you the 9v battery because it has enough power to support every component I have tried! For example, it fully control all the components on my Humanoid Eyes:
Holly Olver Hertig
Hey Tina, welcome to the Otto Community! It is a power issue. Even with four AA batteries in series, I would get this too. 9 volt battery works well. Those Servos suck a lot of energy so it is good to have enough volts as well as amps.
Tina Overgaard
So what is the best way to change the AA batteries to a 9V. Is that possible? If I am having the old kit with AA batteries?
Iván Artiles EdTech Manager
Tina Overgaard using a regulator that can be connected to the vin pin of your Arduino board. You will require one that convert the 9v battery to the 5v that Arduino can support.

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