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Birger TMaster Builder
Wannabe Engineer
Asked a question last year

Is a remote controlled 'robot' still a robot or is it only a remote controlled toy, because it can't do things autonomically?

Bill SCHONFELDER Master Builder
Depends on the actions. Rc airplanes and drones used by the military are not toys. Maybe it is determined by cost and can it be weaponized.

"Ha Ha In the voice of Jorge Sprauge.

"The killer robot on the slingshot channel."
"Let me show you its features " lol
Birger T Master Builder
Guten Morgen Bill SCHONFELDER,

well I didn't think about RC weapons - but did you ever heard from Isaak Asimov and his 'laws of robotics'?!
Argh - forget it..
Poor dangerous world - "I'll be back" & "Hasta la vista"..

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