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3D Printing
3D Printing

It’s amazing that you can make the Otto parts yourself, but it’s common to need help! 

Just let us know what you are having issues with by starting a conversation in this channel, or see whether others have dealt with it before. 

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Remix3D Printing

Lee robot now FREE files for you to make your own!

This was the first winner of the Otto inventor program, Lee a robot design by @Ronny Martinez, it was selected by the community among many other great submissions,

Lee robot
Lee robot

Lee is very similar to Otto Humanoid but with the option to turn the head in this way you can verify obstacles around it.


Now the inventor wants to share it with the world!

Layer Height : 0.3mm or less / 

Raft  or Brim: Not required 

Support : Not required
Wall Line Count : 2 / Top Solid : 3 / Bottom Solid : 3
Infill Density : 20%
It takes around 15 hours to print.

Thanks Ronny

🔧 Project
Remix3D Printing

3D model with code, Parametric customization with OpenSCAD

Ok finally had some extra time to push this topic forward.


Read what is about here. Basically you 3d model with code, which there are also some blockly initiatives for this:

We actually had it Otto 3D modeled here long time ago for the thingiverse customizer

Just look at some examples  @Martinperdeauxdid with OpenSCAD files attached for you to play with and you will get the point of how powerful this is.

the actual 3d printed models
the actual 3d printed models


This is a openscad API that allows to use it on the browser, another member @IrevDev is developing it

You can tinker with it at

It also Enables linking to external scad files so long as they return a plain text.

 Cadhub - Parts page

Start on an openscad customizer UI,


You can url reference to a file on Github

Linking to code on Github like this means that the link will stay up-to-date with the repo as it changes.

My dream is to make a super cool customization script for Otto robot where you can swap parts and change sizes and shapes easily keeping the functional elements and tolerances intact so that you are always sure when you 3d print is gonna work, this will be a a game changer in education, since for students the learning curve will be much more smooth. Like what my robot nation did for small figuring but with Otto technology we can actually make them move!

Welcome any opinions around this project.


OttoPad Prototype
OttoPad Prototype

There are two other posts discussing an RC controller for Otto:

I thought this might be better served as a project so that others can add files/pictures etc.

This is a working prototype and I am just about to add the MPU to give the controller 'tilt' functionality. There are better (faster) ways to hook up the MPU and OLED and I am waiting for the module that I need to arrive.

Below is a short demo of the OttoPad. I point out design flaws which need to be addressed, but I am not a designer (so I just stuck everything onto a piece of MDF at this point).

When I have everything connected up to OttoRC and working, I'll post all code (not Blockly, sorry @Bill SCHONFELDER!) and Fritzings. Right now I need to fix the wife's car!