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3D Printing
3D Printing

It’s amazing that you can make the Otto parts yourself, but it’s common to need help! Just let us know what you are having issues with by starting a conversation in this channel, or see whether others have dealt with it before.

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Hi Bill SCHONFELDER and Birger T this an idea to endorse Prusa printers, basically create an animated figure of their character Josef, using Otto DIY technology and code. Do you think is possible?
Lanelcelot is getting ready to get his final assembly. Brain arrived yesterday and worked out the power distribution. He will have 2 power sources with 2 switches. Both will be lipos without ubecs this time. Soon will share a programmed lancelot, if all goes well. He is bulky that's for sure.
At least he doesn't fall over, seems to be well balanced. I like him. He's built and ready to get programs. Learned alot from you guys, by using this forum. Everyone's input is teaching me alot.
Thanks for everyone'
s help with this project. BDS.
Remember that picture of a future robot I wanted to make? Well here it is all wired up. Waiting for my grey pla to come tomorrow to print the body. Dfplayer works, neo pixels work, and servos installed and centered.