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Firmware version for Otto the robot who wants to be strokеd

📑 Attached code and Link to firmware here -

The firmware is based on V11. Suitable for the Otto Plus kit (the circuit must have a Bluetooth module, a touch button and an ultrasonic sensor HC-SR04). The firmware has removed the LED matrix control and other elements that I do not use in my Otto, so it now takes only 68% of the Arduino memory. Otto knows how to respond to your stroking (touching the upper part of the body), and live for a some time satisfied without showing your love. When the time has passed, as soon as... (More)

Hello everyone, my name is Josué, i'm from México, let me introduce you to Otto Baymax, i participated in the Otto Remix Challenge 2019 with this small robot, I have added some features and functions to the original code and robot that I wish you could see, what you'll see on this video, is OttoBaymax responding to voice commands and playing some phrases from this well known movie (Latin American dubbing), hope you like it :)

@Martin Gasser31 

Try to reinstall the software and make sure these files are present

The Arduino library is updated you can also try now