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Memory and storage experimentation

I have been doing some thinking about these Nano chipsets. It seems that there is a limit to the amount of memory or programming they can take. It also appears that the graphics are the killer when it comes to the memory, just like in any high definition graphics game, I am guessing. So my conclusions are this;

  1. Always run the verify checker in the blockly before uploading it to the chip. ( I have burned out completely two Nanos by "not" doing this step. By running the verify checker the error will come up about the storage room on... (More)
Bulk programmed with Otto blockly. The updated version. I am sharing my files with the community. Be careful how you reset the servo calibration block, set it for your robot. Uses the blue and yellow oled with 4 pins. Uses 2 - 9 volt batteries with two separate ubecs that are turned on by a locking switch button. This way you don't have to mess with lipos or rechargers. You can also use the DFplayer without hearing the servo noise. If the community wants this robot I will make all the necessary files available for Camilo Parra Palacio to give... (More)