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If you aren’t clear as to how you can give your Otto the power to dance and move, talk here and the community will respond with solutions to get you started

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Trying a new Otto Powersupply.. (not that serious)
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Hello - finished printing my Otto (Starter ) and assembled servos and electronics. Mine uses the USB-9V battery. The JST plug had red and black wires reversed. Swapped the pins and now I have the same problem powering the Otto. When connected to the USB programming port everything works fine. When I disconnect the USB cable and turn the internal power on - the nano board continues to loop and beep. Measured the +5 volts on the nano board and when the sounder beeps the voltage drops to 4 volts. I believe the 5v regulator on the board is over... (More)
New idea for a tft robot. Will house the tft display on the front. This robot will use two 9 volt batteries with two ubecs in the back on the front battery case. One set will power the speaker, pam8403, and the mp3 player. The other set will power the servos, the neo and the tft display. Will use the Lancelot body, but will use everything else that the ottoky is. The legs, the feet, and the servo placement on the Arduino will be from ottoky. Should be done in a week. If you have any ideas to add along... (More)
I made a SEX Video for you - Strange Electronics eXperience:

Measuring the voltage between the batteryholder's plus and the IO board's plus when Servos are moving - the voltage over ONE connection (wires, switch, pin) is about 0.1 to 0.4 volts.

Assuming the minus side is the same then there are up to 0.8 volts eaten by the wiring between battery and servo connector.