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Having some obstacles coding with Otto Blockly

That’s fine! Just start a conversation here and we will solve as community. 

Share new codes and what would you like to improve, new features, new blocks, new languages? 

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3D printing, robotics and programming


New Examples for Otto Blockly

Guys I want to include the examples you have made recently as default for the new coming Otto Blockly 1.4.3

Can you help me add some comments/notes into the blocks of how they work for beginners?

Video is optional for now but if we have already let me know where are they?

✅ Completed

❓ Missing or Not found but likely existent or easy to make

Current ones inside the software:

LevelExample nameRobotFritzingCommentVideo
1🦿 Servo centeringStarter
 1🔈 BuzzerStarter
1🎼 MelodyStarter
 1🤖 WalkStarter
1🤖 Legs calibration Starter
1🤖 DanceStarter
1 🤖 Avoid obstaclesStarter
2📏 Serial measure distanceStarter
2👇 Touch interaction+sensor
2👏 Sound interaction+sensor
2👏 Serial noise readings +sensor
2🎛️ Serial Potentiometer+sensor
2👄 8x8 LED Matrix Test +mouth
2👄 Mouths Emotions+mouth
2👄 Mouths Sing+mouth
2👄 Variable counter+mouth
2🧼 Clean you hand+mouth
2👀 16x8 LED Matrix Test+eyes
2👀 Eyes Emotions+eyes
2💡 Single LED Fade+LED
2💡 Single LED Potentiometer +LED
3💡 Single LED Potentiometer Fade +sensor
3🦿 Servo Advanced Starter
3🌈 Color LED+neopixel
3📱 Bluetooth +bluetooth
3🔊 MP3 basic +screen
3🔊 MP3 Triggers+screen
3⚖️ Gyro+sensor
3🖥️ OLED Display +oled
3🖥️ OLED Frame +oled
3🖥️ OLED Icon  +oled ✅
3🖥️ OLED Mouth +oled
3🖥️ OLED Logo +oled
3🖥️ OLED Gyro +oled
3🖥️ OLED Servo +oled
3🖥️ OLED Laser +oled
3📺 TFT Icon +oled
3📺 TFT Animation +oled
3📒 IoT Adafruit.ioESP
3📒 AI Camera+MU vision

Pending to add from the community

many need to be redone as you see also because of the lack of comments

LevelExample nameRobotFritzingCommentsVideo
2⚙️ DC motors+driver
2⚙️ DC motors calibration+driver
2🌡️ Temperature/Humidity+sensor
2🤖 OttokyTokymaker
3🌈 Color sensing+sensor
2⚙️Stepper motors+stepper
2🕹️ Remote control IrDa+infrared
3🖱️ Mouse & KeysLeonardo
 more? reply in the comments    

Otto Blockly how to create new Blocks?

Divide and conquer

I figure it was time to make a new project post for those who want to understand and learn how to create blocks for Otto Blockly. I will do my best to attempt to reverse engineer what was given to me and how it works. So in this Otto Blockly blocks planning - Google Sheets is where all magic happens:

  • Block Visual = this tab on the spreadsheet shows what the block will look like. This can be achieved using The Block factory or screenshots of similar blocks
  • includes[] = this will include the needed libraries for... (More)

Otto IoT with ESP8266 / ESP32 WiFi development boards

Otto IoT

After lots of tests and contributions from many of you, we finally have a functional Arduino code / blocks and prototype for Otto using ESP8266 and coming soon with the help of @Nicolas ESP32

Just collecting all initiatives here in one place and how you can get started into the world of IoT with Otto Blockly, oh and the plus of no memory limitation issues as with nano.

Using ESP8266 or WeMos

@Bill SCHONFELDER you are gonna like this board + shield combo i found on amazon

ESP8266 NodeMCU CP2102 ESP-12E

+Shield Module for NodeMCU ESP-12E ESP8266 it... (More)