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Bluetooth App
Bluetooth App

Having issues with installing the App and/or Bluetooth? Share your questions or problems in this topic and we’ll be here to sort them out quickly as a community. 



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Ok Ross Rabette and Bill SCHONFELDER here is the example Bluetooth Blockly code for hello world. thanks to Oscar F 1. You upload the attached code to your nano, (make sure you have the bluetooth connected in the right pins and use the right baud rate. 2. Install Serial Bluetooth App on your phone 3. From devices, connect to the module to your phone 4. go to terminal and click the connect icon on the top bar and if connection successful you should see a "Hello" message on the terminal. We can do the same in Arduino of course... (More)
Hi Bill SCHONFELDER and Birger T this an idea to endorse Prusa printers, basically create an animated figure of their character Josef, using Otto DIY technology and code. Do you think is possible?
Hola buenas noches, aje los archivos de Otto Plus, imprimí las piezas y armé Otto con Nano FT232RL + Shield + modulo Bluetooth + Buzzer. Intente hacerlo funcionar con las 4 pilas de 1,5v que en total suman 6 v y no funciona, hace movimientos erráticos de piernas y pies. Cuando conecté el cable USB para cargarle el programa, tampoco responde Otto y para cargarle el programa debo desconectar los servos porque empiezan a hacer movimientos erráticos. Ya hice la calibración de los mismo desde Blockly. La unica forma de que funcione es que lo alimente con una fuente de... (More)
Otto9_BlueTest is an advanced version of and maybe a replacement for Otto_BLE_test. If you are also curious what is received, when you tap the buttons inside the OttoDIY App, this Sketch could help you. Because the Serial Monitor doesn't do a "carriage return" that would place the cursor back at the beginning of the current line, all sent commands are printed one after the other in one line. BlueTest will automatically append a "New Line" character to the received command data, so every command should be printed in a new line. The sketch contains also an Include File, where I... (More)