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Let's talk about new sensors and actuators, new inputs and outputs that you will like to implement in your robot or projects.

The best way to create, edit and share wirings is using Fritzing or Autodesk Circuits

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3D printing, robotics and programming

🔧 Project

Otto Blockly next release improvements 1.4.4.

Hi Otto Builders!

I have created this project to collect all bugs, blocks requests improvements and ideas for the next release of Otto Blockly.

@Bill SCHONFELDER @Birger T @Ian Shatwell @ArisBlocky @Ross Rabette

Just reply please with the exact name of the block or new block idea screenshot of how it should look will be helpful and a link to the post/project where it has been discussed.

These are the ones I have collected so far

(I will be editing as you reply and updating as is implemented and new versions appear):

Long Term road map

  • ESP8266 watchdog
  • Operations for server
  • Crear simple html for web server
  • Blocks config wifi server and client
  • Cayenne
  • Servo pending if need dropdown
  • Buzzer pending if need dropdown
  • Create a Encoder sensor block
  • Create Blocks for multiple images for the tft display screen 160x120. Right libraries.
  • Pixy cam2
  • Use the actual DFrobot library for dfmini... (More)

Let's make Otto with speech recognition and talk!

Hello Builders

Everyone wish Otto to listen and talk (or any robot) and ask for it but is harder to make a reality than saying, or isn't?

Here are my leads, for the recognition part 🎤:

  1. Use Otto Scratch AI + Speech extension only need an extra BLE module and the computer does the rest, yes.. it requires a computer to do the recognition that is the "down side" I think for schools is great. 😼
  2. For integrated solutions there are shields like the EasyVR is it worth the price? 🤔
  3. Another module is this Arduino Voice Recognition Module - Geeetech, that I just received this week so I will let you know!
  4. When I was living in Shanghai I got this one LD3320 Chinese Speech Recognition and MP3 Player Module The problem is that might only recognize Chinese? I never took time to figure out how to make it work. At least will be good for learning Chinese! 😆
  5. Guess what? I actually manage to make on functional Otto to recognize simple commands in 2019 and for only 20 extra bucks, but there is a catch; it is limited to 22 fixed commands only and we have to call Otto "Hi Cell" every time we want the robot to listen, more details of how to make your own in this post
  6. Check the attachment

Ok that was the side of speech recognition which requires computation or a module to do the hard work of understanding an actual voice, of... (More)

What on Earth is this nonsense?

Why has this been passed without being checked? This is embarrassing and makes us all look like clowns. This is NOT PWM. Where is the mention of the duty cycle?

What is a 'chanching' angle?

BTW, servos are activated by pulse duration, not PWM or pulse density. They are all linked, but they are not the same. For education purposes it would be advisable that we present things correctly. Not like this.

Please remove this utter rubbish.