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Let's talk about new sensors and actuators, new inputs and outputs that you will like to implement in your robot or projects.

The best way to create, edit and share wirings is using Fritzing or Autodesk Circuits

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Hello everyone, my name is Josué, i'm from México, let me introduce you to Otto Baymax, i participated in the Otto Remix Challenge 2019 with this small robot, I have added some features and functions to the original code and robot that I wish you could see, what you'll see on this video, is OttoBaymax responding to voice commands and playing some phrases from this well known movie (Latin American dubbing), hope you like it :)

Hi @Dimitris Krompas14 

You got the new board that is gonna be the new standard for all Ottos, it works also for Ninja Humanoid you just need to use the connections as in Otto Blockly and you can also swap position of servos sensors etc.

You can find the pinout diagram here:

What do you wanna code and i will help you?

DF Mini case Instructions (complete)

Stand Alone Player SAP


I designed this to have a two fold purpose. Ever since I built my first Otto I was disappointed that it did not speak, instead it squeaked. My goal was to one day have Otto speak using some kind of mini card player. Now all my robots have this DF mini player case installed on them and included in the design of the robots. Some have changed so much, they don't even look like Otto anymore. This special case is designed to work on Otto though.

Introducing the SAP. This player will work with ardunio,... (More)