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Let's talk about new sensors and actuators, new inputs and outputs that you will like to implement in your robot or projects.

The best way to create, edit and share wirings is using Fritzing or Autodesk Circuits

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Servo Calibration and Sweep

The following video covers some of my observations on the cheap metal-geared servos I use in my Otto builds. I have written a short Blockly calibration program and an equivalent sketch which allows me to calibrate using microseconds.

I also show two non-blocking 'sweep' programs that will allow for slow servo motion or a full sweep.

Note: @Birger T correctly pointed out that care needs to be taken writing microsecond timings to the servos outside of their 'limits'. These limits were well within the mechanical end-stop so did not put the servo under undue strain (you would hear it 'groan').... (More)

this is my first modification, previously it didn't have 2 hands,😂
Thanks:All Master
I use a battery with a size of 4 × 1900mah, With a time of 30-60 minutes
Due to lack of rear weight, turning right is difficult
Otto para mi hija Hola amigos buenos días … Este fue un diseño hecho para mi hija. Ella quería a Otto con matriz led, pero no Humanoide, y que tuviera las demás funciones (Bluetooth, sensor táctil, sensor sonido). El incluir la Matriz led 8x8 en el chasis original de Otto es un poco complicado, si se quiere mantener las medidas originales del bípedo, así que juntos comenzamos a rediseñar un poco aquí y allá teníamos que modificar algunas cosas... 1.Aumentamos un poco la escala del robot (incluyendo la piernas y los pies de la versión 10) aproximadamente en un 12%... (More)
Hello everyone! I am new to this community. I would like to implement OTTO DIY using a nodeMCU V3 and an Adafruit PCA pca9685. I have searched for similar projects but found nothing. I don't know how to start and if the OTTO libraries can be used as a starting point. I would appreciate any advice or suggestion. Greetings!