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It’s great when people make events about robots or share our story in blogs or social media. Whether you need support to start one or would like to share the news of any related event, we’d love to hear it!  

Did you come across an event or recently hosted a workshop? ? Share it here! 

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3D printing, robotics and programming

Prof. Sandro Mesquita
Passionate about technology
I saw on the website that there are only 02 official Otto's in Brazil. How do I bring a seal to the State of Ceará?
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Hi Everyone

We need to give the community and your projects a boost, i see many other companies are in discord, this could be an alternative for faster communication if we combine both platforms, i thing we can have a very powerful communication

Welcome to join our discord chat! i will be there almost all day ;)

Birger T if is ONLY remote control indeed I think is just a toy with Level 0 of autonomy but if we can program by sequences through the remote control it is at least Level 1 of autonomy

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Otto Builders video call will be held today! 🦾
(Saturday 29th May)

Good news, I will be available 4 hours, so you can jump any time that fits you.

The time in the table is CET

🤠 From 9am to 1pm Texas/Colombia Time (UTC-5)‎
🦜 From 10m to 2pm Rep. Dominicana (UTC-4)‎
🥧 From 3pm to 7pm UK Time ‎(UTC+1)‎
🍺 From 4pm to 8pm Central Europe Time (UTC+2)‎
🇻🇳 From 9pm to 2am Vietnam Time ‎(UTC+7)
🐱‍👤 From 11pm to 3am Japan Time ‎(UTC+9)‎
🦘 From 12pm to 4am Australia Time ‎(UTC+10)‎

Everyone is welcome to join!