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It’s great when people make events about robots or share our story in blogs or social media. Whether you need support to start one or would like to share the news of any related event, we’d love to hear it!  

Did you come across an event or recently hosted a workshop? ? Share it here! 

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Otto Ninja "the most versatile STEM + A robot"

We proudly present to you our latest creation, Otto Ninja in all his glory! As part of the Otto Inventor program, @Sebastian Coddington, the creator, worked closely with the Otto Team to bring this robot to the masses.

We are glad to have you on our journey of creating the most exciting Otto robot STEM+A kit in the world - the Otto Ninja™ It is designed to help children and adults understand the basics of new technologies and become the STEM+A Ninjas of the future.

We have spent over a year gathering feedback, testing and creating our greatest product yet.... (More)

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Hola a todos,
al final el otto granjero ha pasado de ser virtual a totalmente real. Aqui os dejo un video de su primera recolección de tomates.
Ya me contareis.
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The 2nd Edition of the Otto Tournament🏆 with prizes such as accreditations, Otto robot Kits and much more surprises.

🤖 Biped Race
🏁 Otto Circuit
💃 Otto Dance

We have extended the participation!
September 25th 5pm (UTC+2)

Sign up now!
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Camilo Parra PalacioOtto Creator
Founder and Designer of @OttoDIY

Content Types in the community when posting

Hi @Piers Kennedy @Ian Shatwell @Bill SCHONFELDER @Birger T and all community members

This was confusing for me at the beginning but If you notice when posting there are 3 tabs:

Post: is for quick things and simple fast comments.

Project: is for long discussions around an idea, concept, new robot or other project, this type allows bigger conversations, attach pictures in comment, index replies, rich editing, embed links or codes and even more.

Question: Pretty self explanatory make question looking for concrete answers but has a poll feature when you want people to answer quickly based on options.... (More)