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Do you have a cool idea for Otto robot or the community? please post it here including napkin sketches and new features you will like to see

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Let's make Otto with speech recognition and talk!

Hello Builders

Everyone wish Otto to listen and talk (or any robot) and ask for it but is harder to make a reality than saying, or isn't?

Here are my leads, for the recognition part 🎤:

  1. Use Otto Scratch AI + Speech extension only need an extra BLE module and the computer does the rest, yes.. it requires a computer to do the recognition that is the "down side" I think for schools is great. 😼
  2. For integrated solutions there are shields like the EasyVR is it worth the price? 🤔
  3. Another module is this Arduino Voice Recognition Module - Geeetech, that I just received this week so I will let you know!
  4. When I was living in Shanghai I got this one LD3320 Chinese Speech Recognition and MP3 Player Module The problem is that might only recognize Chinese? I never took time to figure out how to make it work. At least will be good for learning Chinese! 😆
  5. Guess what? I actually manage to make on functional Otto to recognize simple commands in 2019 and for only 20 extra bucks, but there is a catch; it is limited to 22 fixed commands only and we have to call Otto "Hi Cell" every time we want the robot to listen, more details of how to make your own in this post
  6. Check the attachment

Ok that was the side of speech recognition which requires computation or a module to do the hard work of understanding an actual voice, of... (More)

Otto Theremin

I suspect I am in a very small minority of people who know what a Theremin is. If you don't, Google it. Theremins are awesome.

Anyway, this is a VERY basic 'Theremin' for any Otto or bot build. Very silly, very funny - the way I like things.

I bet a squillion quid Bill SCHONFELDER wants this for Krob or BORK. All Blockly, just missing the Fritzing which I can put together during the England match.

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Call it The Ottopod